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Let our technical experts help you to succeed

CT Northwest's technical experts have  years of combined knowledge and experience encompassing software and hardware for the traffic and transportation world. 

Software Deployment


CT Northwest can assist in the deployment of Central System Software, Local System Software, Cloud-based monitoring systems, RSU/OBU radio communication, thermal and optical detection monitoring, PoE, BLP, Wi-Fi communications, V2X, Connected Vehicle software, Parking and Tolling monitoring software.

Contact us to find out how we can help your system move into the future.

Connected Vehicle


We are one of the few North American companies to complete a Connected Vehicle Project (Florida DOT SPaT Challenge). We are focused on the traffic management systems market which is increasing due to better government focus on boosting safety as well as expanding the Smart City Initiatives along with rapid advancements in technology.

For more information on Connected Vehicle Systems visit

Technical Support and Troubleshooting


Our technical support staff at CT Northwest are here to solve your issues.  Call or email to find out how we can help.  We offer on-site and remote troubleshooting.  Our technical expertise will get you to the right solution as soon as possible. 


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